Negotiate on a single platform with agility and security

Engage third parties in negotiations without leaving netLex, automatically registering all communications and document’s versions.

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Trading Profiles

Choose how you want to negotiate:

Read and comment

It's like sending a PDF directly through the platform. The party will be able to access the file and make comments, but will not alter the content. It works for suppliers who use their own templates, for example.

Update through questionnaire

Allow the party to change the content of the document, but only in relation to pre-selected points and through an intuitive questionnaire. It works for registration forms, for instance.

Update through editor

The part can change anything they want in the document, but all changes are indicated with automatic revision marks that only you can remove. It works for less standardized documents, for example.

Interact in a secure and intuitive environment

Create private virtual rooms, tag users and organize communication on a single platform. With online chat, your team has a secure and dynamic environment to conduct negotiations.

Netlex internal screen. In this image, the right side tab of the netLex page is highlighted, with the “chat” icon selected, which opens a pop-up with a chat room. This feature helps everyone involved in the life cycle of documents to exchange information and talk about the file, keeping track of all messages exchanged, facilitating management and the generation of evidence for auditing. Pattern

Conditional rules: gain flexibility, autonomy and legal certainty

Create flexible review and approval flows, which can change to include new compliance and validation steps depending on decisions made during the negotiation.

Centralized, easy and secure communication!

Engage the counterparty in a fluid and intuitive way. Submit the agreement for review, evaluate alterations, keep a full record of all communications or document versions, and much more.

Submit documents for review, keep full record of alterations

Store all versions and recover any of them when needed

Chat with the counterparty through a simple and secure platform


I would have to increase the [Legal] team a lot if I didn't have the platform. So, we gain in cost, productivity, efficiency, quality (...)

Raíssa Senra Benjamin


Legal Coordinator at Take Blip

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