Integrate with your company's systems

Optimize your operations by adding netLex’s potential to the other systems your company already uses, avoiding rework and ensuring data is always cohesive and up to date.

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Robust and flexible

Lean on netLex's Open API to build integrations in an easy and personalized way, taking advantage of the full potential of your systems, preserving the familiarity of your employees and ensuring the flow of cohesive and updated data.

Image with the netLex icon in the center, building, from it, a network of traces with icons of other software at the meeting points. These software are Oracle, Salesforce, Sap, Slack, Adobe. Surrounding the other software logos are some icons representing netLex functionalities. These are just some of the systems with which netLex can be integrated. netLex Connect helps to maintain a flow of information between the different software used by the same company, optimizing tasks and avoiding rework.

Add up the potential of your company's software

Integrate netLex with other systems your company already uses to improve your workflows and reduce your team's manual work.

Preserve your collaborators' familiarity;

Ensure consistent and up-to-date data flow;

Avoid rework and manual data transcription..


Integrate netLex with your Salesforce and free up your Commercial team to close deals.

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Login screen with email and password to enter netLex, a contract, document and workflow management software that helps companies from all areas of the market to make their creation, approval, review, signature, storage and document management more efficient. Pattern

Directory Services

netLex integrates with directory services, so that you can use single sign-on with corporate credentials for easy and secure access.

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netLex can be integrated with several of the main software on the market, such as CRMs, ERPs and others. Understand more about all the customization opportunities to make your company's routine even more efficient.

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Netlex internal screen. In this image, the right side tab of netLex is highlighted, with the selection of the signature icon. This icon, once selected, opens a tab to indicate who is responsible for the signature. In the lower left corner of the image there is a signature image to illustrate the result. This functionality helps companies speed up the document signing step, sharing information between netLex and the digital signature provider so that the collaborator does not have the rework of manually sending the document to those responsible for the signature.

Electronic signature

netLex has native integrations with leading market solutions for electronic and digital signatures.

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Receive notifications about netLex documents and workflows within your company's Slack channels, optimizing your team's organization.

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Netlex internal screen. In this image, a tab of the functionality of Integrations is highlighted, in which the script for integrating netLex with other software is inserted. netLex Connect helps to maintain a flow of information between different software used by the same company, optimizing tasks and avoiding rework. Pattern

Custom integrations with netLex Connect

netLex Connect tool works as an integration platform (iPaaS), allowing the construction of input and output data flows from various channels (e.g. SOAP and REST web services, database files and views).

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I would have to increase the team by a lot if I didn't have the platform. So, we gain in cost, productivity, efficiency, quality (...)
Raíssa Senra Benjamim: Legal Coordinator at Blip

Raíssa Senra Benjamim


Legal Coordinator at Blip

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Raíssa Senra Benjamim: Legal Coordinator at Blip

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