Making the Legal team a business partner


Technology, Communication Services

Use of netLex

Contracts (Sell Side)

Take Blip’s pains

  • The drafting and revising of contracts was time consuming and insecure;
  • Communication was disorganized and decentralized;
  • The spreadsheets were unreliable, generating insecurity;
  • Archives were manual, disorganized and incomplete;
  • Data was extracted manually, without reliability to generate intelligence.
Excessive manual and repetitive work reduced the efficiency of Take Blip’s Legal team, damaging the relationship with internal clients. With the gains in agility and security brought by netLex, lawyers are now recognized as true business partners.

How netLex helped Take Blip

  • Elimination of manual work in preparing and reviewing documents;
  • More transparency for the business areas about the status of each request;
  • Reliable data extracted automatically to form reports;
  • Total customization of the platform, with autonomy to automate the templates;
  • Integrations with several systems to make operations more fluid.

Take Blip’s Feedback

netLex made our work a lot easier, we reduced our SLA to 24 hours (...). I gained a lot from this and this view that the Legal department is a bottleneck has changed. This feedback comes from the sales team and the sales director. (...) Today we are seen much more as a business partner.

Raíssa Senra Benjamim


Legal Coordinator

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