Efficiency that transforms: the new era of CLM for Solar Coca-Cola’s Legal Team

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Use of netLex

Contracts, Contract Management

Challenges faced by Solar Coca-Cola’s Legal team

  • They used another CLM software that was very rigid and had few possibilities;
  • The reports were deficient, without providing visibility into management demands;
  • Operational work took a lot of time, generating overload for the Legal team;
  • Internal clients were not satisfied, had little autonomy and several doubts;
  • They had difficulty optimizing their work and acting more strategically.
Solar Coca-Cola found in netLex an efficient software to replace its previous system, gaining flexibility, productivity and data intelligence to make the Legal team an agent of transformation within the business.

How netLex helped Solar Coca-Cola’s Legal team

  • Automating flows and templates with flexibility and according to their needs;
  • Integrating with other systems, such as SAP, ensuring data consistency;
  • Extracting data and reports to better understand demand and visualize bottlenecks;
  • Helping to improve internal clients relations, centralizing interactions and recording information;
  • Increasing productivity, streamlining operational tasks and optimizing time;

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Efficiency that translates into numbers

Reduction of approximately


in the time between drafting and signing the contract







Customer Feedback

I think this is the core idea of technological evolution, of automation: to make the system work, especially in the most bureaucratic, most manual tasks, and leave us to engage in the business strategy.
Ana Yara Lisboa Santos: Coordinator - Legal Advisory at Solar Coca-Cola

Ana Yara Lisboa Santos


Coordinator - Legal Advisory at Solar Coca-Cola

Ana Yara Lisboa Santos: Coordinator - Legal Advisory at Solar Coca-Cola

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