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Oil and Gas

Use of netLex

Litigation, Powers of Attorney, Document Management

Raízen’s pains

  • Lack of control and management of the workflow to file legal claims;
  • Difficulty in articulating internal clients and the external legal counsel;
  • Communication and organization through decentralized tools, as emails;
  • Absence of a history of approvals and of claims;
  • Lack of visibility and data on internal procedures.
Raízen's Legal Department found in netLex a partner company to develop solutions for its workflows. Involving internal clients and external offices in a single platform, the gains in speed and organization, in addition to time savings, were impressive.

How netLex helped Raízen

  • Organization of information collection flows directly through netLex;
  • Efficient articulation of internal areas and the external office;
  • Automatic creation of records for consultation and full recording;
  • Automatic data extraction for reporting and monitoring of KPIs;
  • Greater visibility and control over all stages of the workflow.

Raízen’s Feedback

Today we have reports that six months ago we didn't imagine having. We didn't imagine the gaps that exist, and today we can identify them. We had no idea how much better this could be with the platform, with the management reports and with the organization of time that it brought us.

Mariana Gil Lopes


Senior Lawyer at Raízen

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