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One in every 150 Brazilians has a property built by MRV, which is located in more than 160 cities and 22 states around the country. The legal department of this construction giant had the challenge of becoming even more efficient and closer to its internal clients.

With netLex, the company made its workflows more agile, secure and assertive, becoming a reference for innovation and technology. Come and learn more about this success story with Guilherme Freitas, Legal Director at MRV.

MRV’s challenges

  • Disorganized interaction with the requesting areas, generating friction and inefficiency;
  • Uncertainty about the use of the template’s latest versions;
  • Insecurity regarding changes to the documents by requesting areas;
  • Lack of visibility for the management of all obligations contained in the contracts;
  • Little autonomy of the requesting areas to take advantage of business opportunities.
The main pain of MRV's Legal Department was the disorganization of the contract drafting workflow, which overloaded lawyers and harmed business areas. With the use of netLex, these problems are a thing of the past! Today, the entire lifecycle of MRV documents is simpler and safer.

How netLex helped MRV

  • Centralization of all requests for opinion and review of contracts;
  • Preparation of contracts based on interactive and intelligent questionnaires;
  • Management of deadlines and contractual obligations directly through the platform;
  • More speed and autonomy to take advantage of business opportunities;
  • Automatic data extraction for management and intelligence generation.

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It is the beginning of a disruptive notion about how the Legal Department engages with other areas. You don't need to be with the areas all the time for you to have legal security. You can make this available in a smarter way without losing security.
Guilherme Freitas: Legal Director at MRV Engenharia

Guilherme Freitas


Legal Director at MRV Engenharia

Guilherme Freitas: Legal Director at MRV Engenharia

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