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Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Legal Consultation

Localiza&CO is one of the largest and most complete sustainable mobility platforms in the world. It brought netLex to its operations with the aim of automating all consultation flows to the Legal areas, as well as to prepare various types of documents, including contracts and powers of attorney.

The result could not be different: with the reduction in the lawyers' operational workload, the team began to act in a more strategic way, guided by data obtained directly from netLex. Find out everything about this success story with Suzana Fagundes, Executive Legal and Investor Relations Director.

Localiza’s challenges

  • Excess of manual activities, generating inefficiency and repetitive work;
  • Decentralized contract management, using several separated tools;
  • Use of outdated templates, with incorrect or incomplete information;
  • Lack of visibility on the management of demands and bottlenecks in the Legal team;
  • Difficulty to focus efforts on what was really complex or strategic.
Localiza is a company very focused on technology and it’s legal department could not be different. With the help of netLex, the area was able to reach the full potential of its tools, greatly optimizing the lawyers' routine.

How netLex helped Localiza

  • Operationalization of the risk matrix in a more intelligent and efficient way;
  • Construction of simpler and friendlier contracts for requesting areas;
  • Structuring the contract review flow in an agile and efficient way;
  • Improvement of reports for management and intelligence generation;
  • Redirection of the Legal department's work to what generates more value.

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It 's much faster. The most serious problems, more complex issues arrive and we manage to dedicate more time “breathing”, it doesn't have to be that madness. And it doesn't always need the intervention of the Legal Department (...), I only received issues that we defined in the risk matrix.
Suzana Fagundes Ribeiro de Oliveira: Chief Legal & Institutional Relations Officer

Suzana Fagundes Ribeiro de Oliveira


Chief Legal & Institutional Relations Officer

Suzana Fagundes Ribeiro de Oliveira: Chief Legal & Institutional Relations Officer

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