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Use of netLex

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Isaac’s pains

  • Contract review process was very bureaucratic and manual;
  • The lawyers were overloaded with urgent demands from the Sales team;
  • Disorganized files in a manual and incomplete directory;
  • Absence of automatic mechanisms for data extraction;
  • Decentralized consultation and contract review requests;
  • Absence of version control or visibility over negotiated conditions.
Reconciling agility and security was essential to maintain Isaac's exponential growth! Thus, the largest financial solutions platform for schools in Brazil chose netLex to bring more efficiency, speed and data to the Legal team.

How netLex helped Isaac

  • More security, always using clauses that were pre-approved by the Legal team;
  • Directory security, storing documents and all their versions;
  • Leaders have visibility over everything that is happening in the sector;
  • Simple and intuitive questionnaires for drafting contracts;
  • Robust integrations that guarantee the fluidity and success of operations;
  • Data extraction for intelligence, auditing and investment rounds.

Isaac’s Feedback

We can adapt the platform exactly for our contract, for our clauses, conditions and language. We can also be sure that the seller will be able to make sales in record time, since the platform is easy to use.

Teresa Ciardullo


Legal Counsel at Isaac

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