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Use of netLex

Legal Consultation; External contracts; Contracts (Buy Side)

C&A’s pains

  • Excessively manual work, including the elaboration and management of documents;
  • Disorganized consultations, without consolidation and centralization of requests;
  • Difficulty in extracting data quickly for strategic planning;
  • Waste of time and effort on activities that generate little value;
  • Lack of visibility into contract history and status.
C&As one of the largest retail chains in the world, C&A needs to manage its contracts with efficiency and data intelligence. netLex came to help achieve these goals, involving Legal, Procurement, IT and many other teams to better manage the entire lifecycle of their documents.

How netLex helped C&A

  • Personalized service to adapt the system to the company's flows;
  • Simple and intuitive platform that encourages adoption by internal clients;
  • Automatic data extraction for reporting and decision making;
  • Centralization and consolidation of requests related to contracts;
  • More agility and legal certainty throughout the lifecycle of documents.

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C&A’s Feedback

NetLex came as a tool that helps the company as a whole (...) to have a better governance of its partners and its hiring. (...) The supplier governance is no longer an issue here within the company, this topic is very mature, and netLex provided a leverage for us to reach this level of maturity.
Luis Henrique Ramos: Senior Legal Manager at C&A

Luis Henrique Ramos


Senior Legal Manager at C&A

Luis Henrique Ramos: Senior Legal Manager at C&A

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