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Metallurgy and mining

Use of netLex

Legal Consultation, Contracts (Buy Side)

ArcelorMittal’s pains

  • Lack of record of requests in progress and answered;
  • Hundreds of unorganized templates, confusing internal clients;
  • Loss of productivity with rework and slowness in locating documents;
  • Decentralized communication, with no visibility into the status of each request;
  • Unfriendly system, difficult to use by the Legal team and other areas.
ArcelorMittal's main difficulty was to strengthen the relationship between the Legal team and internal clients, to avoid losing any opportunity for the company. The netLex platform brought flexibility of configuration and an ease of use, helping the company to make the Legal area an effective business partner.

How netLex helped ArcelorMittal

  • Customizing the templates, making it easier for the business areas to work;
  • Improved quantity and quality of requests and responses;
  • Expansion of the solutiono, with gains in efficiency in other activities;
  • Gain in autonomy, focusing on support and training in the post-deployment;
  • Centralization of the communication on the platform, with history and full recording.

ArcelorMittal’s feedback

The gain was very substantial, both for the buyer, when they produce the document, and for the internal lawyer, who doesn’t have to spend so much time answering questions from the client. We expanded this to the corporate area (...) and we have already implemented it in the field of ​​powers of attorney.

Marina Guimarães Soares


Head of Legal, Institutional Relations and Sustainability & Compliance Officer at ArcelorMittal Brasil

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