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One of the largest educational groups in Brazil, nima has stood out as an example of adaptation and protagonism in the post-Covid-19 scenario. In this journey of digital transformation, one of the challenges faced was the modernization of the flow of requests to the legal department. To solve this issue, the group chose to rely on netLex.

Check out the conversation with the Legal Director at nima Educação, Humberto Cordella Netto about the project and see the results obtained so far with the platform.

Ânima’s challenges

  • Complexity in the analysis of incomplete or difficult to understand requests;
  • System with disorganized requests, with no order of priority;
  • Absence of indicators for the analysis and management of the lawyers' work;
  • Use of disjointed tools throughout the contract’s lifecycle;
  • Excessively manual work, with slow and costly analyzes.
Ânima, one of the largest private higher education organizations in Brazil, had the great challenge of modernizing the performance of its Legal department. To accomplish this goal, the company hired netLex, and now technology brings gains in efficiency and management to their lawyers' routine!

How netLex helped Ânima

  • Intelligent and intuitive questionnaire made according to the company's reality;
  • Compilation of requests in an organized manner and observing priorities;
  • Automatic data extraction to monitor goals and indicators;
  • Automating the entire lifecycle of contracts, from request to signature;
  • Improved internal client’s experience when interacting with lawyers.

Get in touch with our experts

Now we have an end to end. From the moment you open the demand, you can close it with the signed contract. This really turned out amazing. The platform manages to help us from start to finish, in the case of a contract with the signature and, in the case of the requests, with the answer.
Humberto Cordella Netto: Legal director at Ânima Educação

Humberto Cordella Netto


Legal director at Ânima Educação

Humberto Cordella Netto: Legal director at Ânima Educação

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