Hiring suppliers with agility and legal security


Construction and Engineering

Use of netLex


Andrade Gutierrez’s pains

  • Inability to speed up the contract’s cycle without losing legal security;
  • Complex and inflexible drafts, which did not help the internal client;
  • Bottlenecks in manual operations, such as difficulty locating documents;
  • Waste of time preparing and reviewing files page by page;
  • Difficulty in following up on authorized risks in ongoing projects.
Andrade Gutierrez relied on netLex to digitize the entire contracting chain by the Supply team. In doing so, they achieved their goal of increasing the agility of business teams while maintaining the “AG Standard” of governance and risk allocation in supplier relationships.

How netLex helped Andrade Gutierrez

  • Autonomy to adapt the platform and solve problems in the company;
  • Visibility of indicators for intelligence and management;
  • Legal department focused on strategic demands, bringing more value to the business;
  • Safety and agility for the Procurement team to respond to emergencies;
  • Full and automatic recording of all communications and approvals.

Andrade Gutierrez’s Feedback

When we bought this autonomy for ourselves, we became a problem solver in the company. We have concrete data on the reduction of the deadline for entering into a contract (...), today we have an indicator that only 12% of our drafts are reviewed by the Legal Department. This means that 88% of our contracts are signed using the AG standard.

Julia Cândido C. Gonçalves


Superintendent of Risks and Contracts at Andrade Gutierrez Engenharia S.A.

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