Cutting 75% of unnecessary work by the Legal team


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Use of netLex


Ambev’s pains

  • Plurality of systems used by internal clients, generating decentralization;
  • Absence of reliable data source for extraction and generation of intelligence;
  • Lack of visibility to internal clients about the status of their requests;
  • Huge waste of time and resources with manual work by the Legal Department;
  • Difficulty in identifying gaps in processes and workflows.
The solution that Ambev’s Legal Department found to solve their pain in contract management was to bring their internal clients to netLex! Now, they reconcile the autonomy of the business teams with much more efficiency and intelligence in the work of the lawyers.

How netLex helped Ambev

  • Unification of contract management on a single platform;
  • Inclusion of the business, compliance and finance teams in the netLex;
  • Customization of workflows according to the type of contract;
  • Reduction in manual work in the Legal team with automation;
  • Increased autonomy and satisfaction of internal clients.

Ambev’s feedback

How we used to do it before was really inefficient. It wasn't a smart way to work. After [netLex] we really feel the digital transformation and how far it has the potential to go. For me [the main difference] is inefficiency versus efficiency and results.

Lívia Bragança Claudio


Legal Manager at Ambev

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