Optimizing the partnership between Legal and Procurement


Real Estate Developments

Use of netLex

Litigation, Contracts

Direcional’s pains

  • Manual elaboration of contracts, subject to delay and material errors;
  • Decentralized communication, with loss of records and information;
  • Lack of visibility on the status of revisions and approvals of documents;
  • Loss of agility and friction between the Legal and Procurement areas;
  • Absence of an organized repository of contracts and other company documents.
Direcional Engenharia had the mission of transforming the lifecycle of its contracts involving the Legal and Procurement teams. With netLex, the company's main agreements are now prepared and approved automatically, using questionnaires and intelligent workflows.

How netLex helped Direcional

  • Intelligent and intuitive questionnaire made according to the company's reality;
  • Increased visibility on the status of all contracts, reducing friction;
  • Automatic submission for reviewand signature, all within the platform;
  • Automatic data extraction for management and intelligence generation;
  • Gains in agility and efficiency, generating better results for the company.

Direcional’s Feedback

The whole team is super excited about the new tool, netLex. This will help us with the agility of our hiring for the construction sites.

Amanda Priscila Vieira Aguiar


Supply Chain Coordinator at Direcional Engenharia

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